Hello!  The Green & Yellow Alien, Ltd. is a literary studio owned by children’s book author Ana Crespo.  Through the studio, Ana offers book-related events, translations to/from American English to/from Brazilian Portuguese, and manuscript critiques. 


"How difficult can it be to write a 100-word picture book?" 

"Do you like cake?"

"How do you revise your stories?" 

"Where do your ideas come from?" 

"Are you rich?"

"Is it difficult to write in a second language?" 

"How old are you?"


Kids ask all sorts of questions...


Ana Crespo can answer these and many more during school and library visits. The Green & Yellow Alien, Ltd. offers a range of presentations tailored specifically to the audience’s comprehension level. From story time and craft projects for the younger ones, to picture book writing workshops, to teacher-focused talks, and keynote speeches.

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We offer Brazilian Portuguese to American English and American English to Brazilian Portuguese translations of picture books and some chapter books. Literary translations, especially of picture books, are never literal. That is, in part, because of its audience, which requires specific vocabulary and sentence structure levels. Therefore, it is advantageous to hire translators who are familiar with children’s literature in both languages.

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Critiques are crucial for the development of your manuscript, which is why every author should be part of a critique group. However, when we work on the same manuscript for a very long time, even our critique partners may run out of ideas. That’s when a set of fresh eyes can make all the difference.


We offer two critique options: (1) an in-depth written critique, and (2) an in-depth written critique plus a one-hour online face-to-face chat via FaceTime or WhatsApp.


Usually, the written critique consists of an analysis of the plot, the pace, the rhythm, the motivation, the character development, and the choice of words. Ana tends to use pagination as a tool to guide her writing (and critique) process. The document includes a detailed narrative of points to consider as well as a line-by-line review of the text with suggestions, comments, and questions. The one-hour, online, face-to-face chat consists of a quick review of picture book theory, tips, a discussion about the critique itself, and an opportunity for Q&A and brainstorming. 


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Please note that, although one of our clients is a literary agency, the use of our services does not provide access to those professionals. In fact, The Green & Yellow Alien, Ltd. does not provide recommendations and does not share the work of any of our critique clients with anyone inside or outside the industry.

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